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A cultural festival to end nuclear power and establish renewable energy

More than 200 acclaimed authors and artists have taken to the stage in the city of Hamburg since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima in 2011 in support of an end to the production of nuclear energy. The festival is collectively organised by artists, authors, theatre directors and citizens of Hamburg every year around the UN World Book Day (23 April) and the Chernobyl disaster anniversary (26 April) – it is free of charge for everyone.

The festival was initially started to counteract a green washing attempt by the nuclear industry, which was sponsoring a literature event in Hamburg called “Vattenfall-Lesetage” designed to divert public attention away from the consequences of severe leakages and fires that had occurred in nuclear plants owned by the company Vattenfall. In the meantime this abuse of cultural activities has been brought to a halt – and a Renewable Literature Festival has been established by and for the citizens of Hamburg.

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Nobel, Grammy, Pulitzer and Grimme laureates, writers of fiction and non-fiction, children’s books and audio dramas, publishers of renowned science publications as well as artists and musicians have been on stage once a year in specially arranged performances. Their aim is to take up position in one the most central challenges facing civil society in the 21st century – a global turnabout in energy production, supply and consumption.

The Renewable Literature Festival is completely independent. It is created through the voluntary involvement of authors, artists and numerous members of the public. Patrons, medium-sized companies and foundations offer support for financing the events. All theatres and event locations make their facilities available free of charge. The festival represents a wide range of public interest and support to demand an end to the nuclear era, by creating and participating in this exclusive cultural event.

All authors and artists 2011 - 2017